Program Radios for K6PUW

How you program your radio, of course, depends on the mode of radio you plan to use.  But in general, it is straightforward.  Remember, this multimode repeater normally is listening for any of its modes — D-Star, DMR, C4FM/Fusion and P25.  Once it hears one of these signals, it switches to that mode.  After transmitting, or after a linked transmission is sent out, it waits a few seconds in that mode.  After that hang-time period expires, the repeater returns to listening for all modes.

Behind the scenes, the K6PUW Repeater/Gateway uses G4KLX software for linking and internet management.

The following links give more information about how to program each mode of radio:

  • D-Star
  • DMR
  • C4FM/Fusion (coming soon)
  • P25 (coming soon)