K6PUW Multimode DV Repeater

Welcome to California’s first Wide area coverage
MMDVM Digital Voice Multimode Repeater

Covering Los Angeles and parts of Ventura, Riverside, San Bernardino  and Orange Counties

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Location: Oat Mountain, Chatsworth, California (34.324658 North – -118.584217 West)

TX Frequency  447.200   DUP –    Offset 5.0

Multimode?  This repeater and its gateway can repeat D-STAR, DMR, C4FM/Fusion and P25 DV transmissions.  When it hears a particular mode, it automatically switches to that mode and repeats out what it hears.

How?  We use a MMDVM modem along with G4KLX MMDVM firmware and G4KLX Host software:

D-STAR:  Persistently linked to XRF002 A *  You can link to REF, XRF and DCS reflectors, as well as CCS7 callsign routing.  You can also use traditional callsign routing using the ircddb.net system

DMR:  TG31620 Kings of Digital  on BrandMeister and TG31620 Kings of Digital on TGIF

C4FM: Yaesu Fusion (C4FM)  FCS00370 Socal Link WIRES X** http://www.socalham.com/

P-25: Linked to TG10200   

**Monday 5:30pm Pacific Time Minnesota/Wisconsin Fusion Technical Net, Fusion Room #21493

We encourage hams in the area to use any of the supported modes.  When the repeater is not busy, feel free to link and unlink as appropriate.

Contact: repeater.k6puw@gmail.com

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