The K6PUW Multimode repeater is dedicated to Ray von Neumann (SK), whose call we are honored to use.

The K6PUW Valley Digital Amateur Radio Club is located in North Hills, California.  Trustee is Don Jacob, WB5EKU.  Don has been involved in various forms of digital radio for many years, starting with packet in the early days of personal computers (before the IBM pc was released) and continuing to the various Digital Voice modes of today, including D-STAR, DMR, C4FM/Fusion and P25.  Don has extensive experience installing, operating and maintaining amateur radio repeaters in Southern California.

Don is retired from the TV industry, having been involved in many roles in the production of TV programs over the years.  His favorite activity was helping direct live TV programs, often national sports events.  He remains active in his video and editing work for various clients, as well as his many Ham Radio activities.